Why A B2C Podcast Tour?


You know what's harder than creating an apparel line, health & fitness product, or consumer app?

Getting someone to buy it.

Podcast audiences are the most engaged of any audience online, but "podcast tours" are underused in marketing.


Your customers ARE listening to podcasts.

Podcast Touring is when you proactively seek out and get featured on all of the podcasts that have listeners you are trying to attract into your audience as buyers.

The goal of a Podcast Tour = Your customers see your name and hear your voice many times across all of the podcasts they listen to over a relatively short period of time.

Getting in front of your customers through podcast guest appearances gives you the reach and momentum you need.

At Be My Guest, we're here to get you booked on the perfect podcasts that reach your ideal customers.


Kickstarting SalesTuners

When SalesTuners hired us, they wanted more leads for their sales coaching business. They also had a podcast, but it wasn't doing much.

We designed a Podcast Tour strategy based on their target audience and customers, and got their podcast guest appearance machine rolling.

After 10 months of working with us, their sales coaching revenue increased by $410,000, and their podcast went from 350 listeners per episode to the top 10% on all of iTunes.


What You Get

Let's Launch Your Podcast Tour

What's Included:

  • A guaranteed number of podcast bookings every single month
  • Customized database of podcasts we will target for you based on your ideal audience
  • Professionally designed podcast media kit(s) (incl. custom bio and “interview hooks”)
  • A comprehensive prep & background document prior to every interview