Introducing, Brands That Podcast.

A podcast on brands that are crushing podcasting.

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Learn how to help your brand use podcasting

If you're a marketing manager, CEO, or leader of a brand, and you're thinking about breaking into podcasting, this show is for you. We'll cover...

Choosing a strategy.

Should you be a guest on other podcasts or start your own show? Maybe you should start a private internal podcast just for your team? This is where you'll learn what podcast strategies would work best for your brand.

Interviews with major brands.

Tune in as we hear from leaders and marketing managers at major brands that are using podcasting to build trust, awareness, and employee engagement (and grab some ideas for your company while you're at it).

Making the most of podcasting.

OK, your company has a podcast or you're doing a podcast tour on other shows. Now what? Get podcast marketing insights and ideas from the best in the business.

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