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Hey Angie and Kelly!

We’re excited to help you execute on an internal podcast strategy for Choice. Here’s a small example of our previous work (just to give you an idea), and some additional information. Please let me know if you have any questions at all.


Founder & CEO, Be My Guest

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Be My Guest Examples


Here’s a few examples of podcasts we’ve helped produce:

Why Podcasting?

Here’s some more info on why podcasting is so effective at building personal connections with listeners in a nice infographic. I’ve included a few data pieces from this report below as well.

In essence, podcast listeners are the most engaged of any audience (because of the personal connection they feel, and because they can listen during times when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to consume content - driving, walking their dog, at the gym, etc.).

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Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 12.36.03 PM.png
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Best Practices

We can help map out the content strategy for all of the episodes with you!

Our goal is to make these episodes so good that Associates at Choice are talking about them with each other.

With that, here are some best practices for episode length and structure:

  • 20-40 minute episodes (based off initial audio of 1-2 hours)

  • Fun, entertaining, surprising, and informative/actionable

  • Stories are more memorable than facts and figures

  • Engaging custom music throughout each episode to highlight key story points

  • Leadership team can review and approve “rough draft” before episode goes live


There are three options for distributing this audio in a private and secure manner amongst the Choice team.

1) Host on Choice internal platforms and apps - This our primary recommendation so that you can keep all the content on Choice assets, and thus keep the branding in the Choice family.

2) Host on external private and secure app - This will allow for individual accounts (that can be restricted if an employee leaves the company). An example is Storyboard.

3) Generate a private RSS feed to be used on the Apple podcast app - This is less than ideal because, while the feed will be private (and not searchable to the public), it will be the same feed used by everyone on the Choice team (i.e. an employee who leaves the company would still have access to it).

Sound Design & Intro Music

Here’s a few examples of podcast sound design and intro music we’ve created:

Song (a fun bonus :))

Just for fun, we included a full song our Head of Podcast Production (Eric Sirianni) wrote and recorded to show a little bit of our versatility. Obviously this isn’t pertinent to podcasting, but thought you might find it interesting!