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Brandon Bruce Testimonial.png

Brandon Bruce | Co-Founder & COO | Cirrus Insight

"My goal was to be a guest on more podcasts on the topics of entrepreneurship, sales, and leadership. I signed up with Be My Guest for their network of host relationships and their professional management of the booking and logistics.” 

My best story: “A person called and said he had been listening to a sales podcast on which I was a guest while he was driving on the interstate. He pulled into a rest stop to call our sales team because he was so excited learn more about Cirrus Insight."

Jeremiah Smith | Co-Founder & CEO | Simple Tiger

"I’ve honestly been blown away by the professionalism, the simplicity and ease of what’s expected from me, the clear communication and how “my publicist” feels like a true assistant jumping in to help me through everything and guiding me along the way. I’ve honestly felt like some sort of celebrity that gets booked for all these interviews, so it’s been a real pleasure.”

Results: “We’ve gotten more traffic to our site as well as targeted clientele who have found us through listening to my podcast interviews.”

Jeremiah Smith Testimonial.png

Ari Klaristenfeld Testimonial.png

Ari Klaristenfeld | Growth Manager | Four Sigmatic

"We were looking for help getting our Founder Tero Isokauppila on some top podcasts."

Results: “Be My Guest booked us on one of the top podcasts on all of iTunes (The Skinny Confidential), which ended up being one of Tero’s favorite and most impactful interviews to-date.”

Clayton Morris | Founder | Morris Invest

"I was looking to bring our message to a larger audience and the team at Be My Guest helped me tremendously. We increased our audience by nearly double in the time we’ve worked with them."

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Marylou Tyler....

Marylou Tyler | Bestselling Author | Predictable Revenue

"My e-mail list grew 2x over the course of our engagement. I also doubled my subscribers on LinkedIn. I enjoyed the fact that I had a partner who took care of all the details in presenting my brand to established podcasters and scheduling interviews."



Michael Sacca | Host of Rocketship.fm and Former President | Crew.co

"Erik is amazing, a super communicator in the best way. I genuinely felt like I was his only client. Podcast appearances greatly helped with Crew’s brand recognition to a wider business audience."

Michael Sacca....