Grow your audience, generate leads, and sell more books and courses through podcast guest appearances.



Be My Guest is a done-for-you podcast outreach and booking service for entrepreneurs, authors, and influencers.


You know what's even harder than building a product or writing a book?

Getting someone to buy it.

Getting in front of your ideal audience through podcast guest appearances gives you the reach and momentum you need.

But what podcasts should you try to get on? There are more than 400,000 to choose from.

How should you go about getting featured on them when you don't have any connections or time?

At Be My Guest, we're here to take care of this for you. Every month, we'll get you booked on podcasts that reach your ideal customers and readers.


Happy Campers

"My e-mail list grew 2x over the course of our engagement.  I also doubled my subscribers on LinkedIn. I enjoyed the fact that I had a partner who took care of all the details in presenting my brand to established podcasters and scheduling interviews."
"Erik is amazing, a super communicator in the best way. I genuinely felt like I was his only client. Podcast appearances greatly helped with Crew’s brand recognition to a wider business audience."
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Marylou Tyler

Sales Expert and Bestselling author

Predictable Revenue and Predictable Prospecting

CEO, Strategic pipeline

Michael Sacca

Host of

Head of Marketing & BD, Dribbble

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How It Works


Your Unique Story

We learn who your ideal audience is, and we help you craft your unique story in a way that appeals to that audience during your podcast interviews.

Prospect and Qualify

We build a comprehensive list of podcasts (across all genres) that have your ideal audience, and then prioritize that list based on those that will drive the best results for you.

Personalized Outreach

We carefully craft customized pitches to each of those shows to get you a booked guest appearance on them by leveraging our proven formulas and relationships.

Scheduling and Prep

We handle the scheduling of all your interviews, and help prepare you with relevant background information on each podcast, host, and the style of questions that will be asked. 

Ongoing Outreach and Strategy


Each month, we continue our strategic outreach on your behalf, refine and update the podcasts you are targeting, and follow-up with those that need it.



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Plans and Pricing


Be My Guest packages save you from the manual and cumbersome process of figuring out what podcast guest appearances will drive your best results, and from guessing how you should go about getting featured on them.




For those Do-It-Yourself-ers who want a huge headstart in pitching themselves as a guest to podcasters.

Complete database of the podcasts you should target (incl. contact info, audience size estimates, etc.)

Professionally designed media kit (incl. custom bio and "suggested interview questions and topics") 

Our frameworks for pitching and custom outreach hooks for you to pitch podcasters with

$1,500 / one-time



For those who want podcast interviews to show up on their calendar, and all they have to do is show up and record.

4 - 6 podcasts booked / mo

3 / mo minimum commitment

*$500 one-time Kickstart

$995 / mo



Who else is this for?

Be My Guest was built with entrepreneurs, authors, and influencers (bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, etc.) in mind, but that doesn't mean you have to be one of those for our service to be the perfect solution for you. We also help speakers, coaches, consultants, and other domain experts get booked on podcasts so they can grow their audience and business.