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Be My Guest
Be My Guest is a podcast outreach and booking service for authors and professional bloggers.
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Your Next Growth Engine:

Podcast Tours.

Grow your audience, generate qualified leads, and drive revenue growth through podcast guest appearances.


November 2017

"Our revenue has grown by more than $410,000 over the last 10 months of working with Be My Guest."

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- Jim Brown, Host and Founder of SalesTuners

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How It Works

Be My Guest is a podcast outreach and booking service for buzz-worthy entrepreneurs and B2B brands.

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Why A Podcast Tour?

You know what's harder than building a SaaS product or delivering a productized, agency, or coaching service?

Getting someone to buy it.

Podcast audiences are the most engaged of any audience online, but "podcast tours" are underused in marketing.



Your prospects ARE listening to podcasts.

Getting in front of your prospects through podcast guest appearances gives you the reach and momentum you need.

At Be My Guest, we're here to take care of this for you.

We'll teach you or your marketing team our system for getting on podcasts (that dozens and dozens of podcasters have said is the best they've ever seen).

(Or, for a few select clients, we'll actually take it one step further and get you booked on the perfect podcasts that reach your ideal customers).



Million monthly podcast listeners

Marketing is all about finding your ideal audience, and then getting in front of them. Podcast guest appearances lets you do this at scale.



thousand podcasts on itunes

Podcast guest appearances lets you develop your authority and expertise. You will build a reputation as the go-to expert for your subject.



million spent on podcast ads

Listeners get to hear you teach them something valuable. With a compelling offer, they will become a member of your audience.


Best Podcast Pitchers?


Here's some blush-worthy responses we've received from podcasters after pitching them a guest. 

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"This is THE BEST guest request note I've ever seen. Incredibly well done! As I'm sure you know I get a fair number of these...and they all suck!"

"First of all, your podcast pitch is, hands down, the best I've ever received. So kudos to you for knowing what you're doing and how to get a podcaster's attention!! :)"

"You are really good at what you do. My schedule is overloaded right now, but I may reach out to you at some point to do pitches for me. What are your rates?"

"I really appreciate you reaching out and honestly, that was one of the BEST pitch emails I have ever received (and I get a lot)."

"Thank you so much for your note, and for thinking of us. I've gotten a lot of pitches since we started, and I can say, you know how to do it right."

"I have to say as many podcast pitches as I get, this is the type of pitch I LOVE, so thank you for that."

"Thank you so much for your message. I do receive quite a lot of inquiries about guests, and I have to say your email was one of the nicest I have received."

"As you can imagine, we've received lots of similar booking emails over the last few months, but yours was the best. It is an absolute masterclass! You could teach a clinic on networking, and use this email you sent me as a template :)"

"I love the thoroughness of your note. Just for that reason, I am happy to have your client as a guest on the podcast."

"I first want to pay you a compliment! I receive loads of interview requests, but yours stands out. You demonstrated that you understand the mission of my podcast, and how you're client fits into that mission...I only wish others who pitch guests got that!"

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Core Offering


Step 1: Podcast Tour Launch

The Podcast Tour Launch is the first step to working with us. It is designed to save you from the manual and cumbersome process of figuring out what podcast guest appearances will drive your best results, and from guessing how you should go about getting featured on them. 

We'll build your Podcast Tour Assets*, and teach you (or your marketing team) our system for pitching and getting on podcasts (that dozens and dozens of podcasters have said is the best they've ever seen). Once we're done, you'll be pitching and getting on podcasts in no time.


*Podcasts You Should Target

Complete database of the podcasts you should target (incl. contact info, audience size estimates, etc.)


Step 2: Monthly Momentum

*Limited availability

*Professional Media Kit

Professionally designed media kit (including custom bio and "suggested interview questions and topics") 


*Email outreach templates

Our frameworks for pitching (and custom outreach templates for you to pitch podcasters with)


For a few select clients, after the Podcast Tour Launch process, we'll actually take it one step further and get you booked on the perfect podcasts every single month that reach your ideal audience and customers.  We only work with 10 clients at any given time for this. Contact us if you'd like to learn more about Monthly Momentum.


Happy Campers


August 2017

Marylou Tyler Testimonial copy.png
My e-mail list grew 2x over the course of our engagement. I also doubled my subscribers on LinkedIn. I enjoyed the fact that I had a partner who took care of all the details in presenting my brand to established podcasters and scheduling interviews.
— Marylou Tyler, Bestselling Author, Predictable Revenue

July 2017

Erik is amazing, a super communicator in the best way. I genuinely felt like I was his only client. Podcast appearances greatly helped with Crew’s brand recognition to a wider business audience.
Michael Sacca copy.png

Michael Sacca, Host of and Former President,



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Who Else Is This For?

Be My Guest was built with B2B brands and entrepreneurs in mind, but that doesn't mean you have to be one of those for our service to be the perfect solution for you. We also help authors, B2C startups, social media influencers (bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, etc.), speakers, coaches, consultants, and other domain experts get booked on podcasts so they can grow their audiences and business.